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Rodan's Roost: The Kaiju Site

Rodan's Roost: The Kaiju Site

G-Fan's official website

G-Fan's official website. Order back issues, renew subscriptions, and find out info for G-fest: all at one site!

Clawmark Toys: For all your kaiju toy needs!

A great source for Kaiju toys, trading cards, posters, books, etc... Visit here if you are in need of purchasing such an item. Always super friendly, visit today!

Barry's Temple of Godzilla: In Memoriam.

The 'In Memoriam' tribute page to what was, in it's peak, the largest and most popular Godzilla site on the Internet.

Kong Is King.net.

The unofficial site for the upcoming King Kong remake. Contains making of videos, produced by Wingnut Films themselves, and a host of other information!

Neo Monster Island. The funniest kaiju site on the Internet!

Ahhh, the home of 'Twisted Kaiju Theater', the funniest slapstick web comic on the internet. If you have not made your way here, it is highly recommended that you visit today!

The Shrine of Gamera, the best Gamera site on the 'net

The best place for Gamera info and multimedia. If you are a Gamera fan, then you must visit here!

Toho Kingdom: A must visit!.

A huge database of information that includes all of Toho's projects!