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Welcome to the kaijuphile.com Fan Nest Fiction section! Here you will find a virtual library of original stories by C. L. Werner and other talented authors. If you have a completed story you would like to be considered for inclusion in this section, head on over to the kaijuphile.com Forums and post it in the 'Kaiju Story Central' section.

Thank you, kaijuphile.com Fan Nest Administration.

C. L. Werner:

New Era Timeline Story    The Fire of the Gods

New Era Timeline Story    Godzilla vs. Frankenstein
New Era Timeline Story    Godzilla vs. Cthulhu
New Era Timeline Story    Godzilla vs. King Kong
New Era Timeline Story    The Return of Rodan
New Era Timeline Story    Scourge of the Super-saurs
New Era Timeline Story    Koumajutsu: The Coming of Bagan
New Era Timeline Story    Frankenstein Has Risen From the Grave
New Era Timeline Story    Sorrow of Manchuria
New Era Timeline Story    Godzilla vs. Deutalios

Ralph Carpenter:
Godzilla: Time War

Christine Graham:
Gojira: The Dark God
Mechagodzilla X: AI
Mechagodzilla XI: Doppelganger
Mechagodzilla X: Episodes
Mechagodzilla XII: Desert Siege
Mechagodzilla XIII: Into The Abyss

Nick Hill:
Godzilla vs Bagan
Godzilla: The Fear of Dawn
Godzilla: Wasteland

G.J. Hudgens:
Godzilla: Generations - Special Edition

Peter B. Hull:
Gorgo: The Beginning
Gorgo & Godzilla: The Demonicus War
Godzilla vs. GINO

John J. (Varan101):
Godzilla Forever

David Mcavoy:
Godzilla, Rebirth of a Legend

Charles Reilly:
Godzilla X Necromyoti
Rodan, Terror of the Skies

George Thomas:
Godzilla vs. Varan

Doug Wood:
Celluloid Heroes
Emiko & The Hoodlum
Dark Against The Sky, With Fireflies
Remembering Martin

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