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Discussion in 'Kaiju Kumite Test Play' started by Seer, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Seer

    Seer Made of People Staff Member

    Ok, so here's the thread looking back at what we learned from this Test Play and what changes we should make for the future.

    So things I learned for choosing kaiju for Kumite (pay attention future players!):

    Read the stats. Personal Primal Number and special rules are very important to keep in mind for the KFC. Gabara may seem like a better kaiju than Ogra, but look at the stats. Gabara has 1/3 chance of forfeit after he gets hit. Ogra, meanwhile, can spawn new fighters. Similarly, Buraki gets two free attacks from his special rules. Keep those in mind when drafting kaiju.
  2. Orc0909

    Orc0909 Ferocious Green Beasty

    Things I've learned? Never listen to the advice of Orga. And that Burk will try and trick people whenever possible when it comes to obscure kaiju.
  3. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    Oodako knows kung-fu.
  4. Burkion

    Burkion He of Many Name Changes

    That I can plan like a motherfucker and the dice will, mostly, help me out.
  5. Husnock

    Husnock Moderator Staff Member

    That Kumite draft choices should NEVER be based upon concepts like nostalgia and ironic favoritism. At least not if you actually want points.
  6. Orga777

    Orga777 Boo Staff Member

    I learned of new scoring options for the main event later. I also learned that we would probably gain more support for an actual DD just from judging from the main test play. Looking forward to good things to come.
  7. Burkion

    Burkion He of Many Name Changes

    Hey, worked out perfect for me.
  8. SpaceHunterM

    SpaceHunterM Super Robot Overlord

    What I learned is that I really don't like the idea. It creates even more bias in debates and when someone has no further chance to win there is a good chance their interest will falter. I myself am guilty of that although I partially blame my new job for the fact I barely contributed at all after the first round. A draft system is also more fun when you have some way to actually modify your "team" throughout the event. This system doesn't really allow for that. If we want to add some sort of competitive spin on the DD I would suggest we reintroduce pick-ems or perhaps a system where we can reward really good debate.

    I also learned this past weekend is that I am still far better than Orga at Fantasy Football.
  9. Orga777

    Orga777 Boo Staff Member

    If someone is extra bias in that way, people would know and it would not be tolerated.

    Pfft. I had a bad week and you had a good week. My team will be fine in the end.
  10. SpaceHunterM

    SpaceHunterM Super Robot Overlord

    It's pretty easy to disguise bias if you are a half decent debater. I was simply pointing out a few problems within the system and stating some of the reasons for my position.
  11. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    I don't know about that. I was trying my damndest to think of any logical way that I could debate for Sanda to beat Ogra and Varan to beat Anguirus before giving up.
  12. the Godzilla Guru

    the Godzilla Guru Mecha Kaiju Forum Master

    I've little to no experience in any of this (debating or fantasy battles of any kind), but it doesn't help when I think someone's posting just to provoke stuff (shamefully I've fallen for that on occasion). Didn't help that the first time I tried any of this I had some family problems come pile up last month (doesn't feel appropriate to go into details here, but I will say everyone's okay). It's just something you need to work at with some practice and patience, the way I see it.
  13. Orga777

    Orga777 Boo Staff Member

    Exactly. A lot of fights are too cut and dry to actually argue for against the norm. If it is a closer fight, then it does not even matter. That just means we could get a good discussion going and ramp up the debates.

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