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Discussion in 'Books & Comics Chat' started by GodzillaFan1992, Feb 11, 2014.

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    ^You and my brother would get along when it comes to comics; he's used the same arguments with me when I made jokes about Aquaman. As for Wonder Woman, I've never needed convincing on her awesomeness (in fact I'm kinda still ticked that her first major film appearance is the upcoming Dawn of Batman-I mean Justice as seemingly a third wheel, but that's a discussion for another time).

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    Since it was announced that Wonder Woman was going to be a big part of BATMAN Vs. SUPERMAN:DAWN OF JUSTICE I've always thought Princess Diana was going to end up in the role of peacemaker in this battle between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, getting the two when things were spiraling out of control to stop their fighting. Either getting between the two, and grabbing them by their ears to stop their fight. Basically being the grown up in the room like Laura Hollis in the Carmilla web series.
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    We can all hope for this. If they can manage that, there may be some hope for the DC Cinematicverse. MAYBE.
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    For one thing, I consider most superheroes to be lame. This is perhaps a major philosophical difference between me and most comic enthusiasts. That said, I do consider Aquaman and Wonder Woman to be more lame than most. I also don't actually know anyone who likes either one of them at all. Aquaman in particular is a throwaway joke to the people I know.

    I also think superpowers are lame. I'd stand in front of guns too if I knew the bullets couldn't hurt me. I find Superman to be very boring.

    Now that the general stuff is behind me, let's look at Aquaman and Wonder Woman, the two allegedly lame characters in question.

    Of the two, I dislike Wonder Woman more, and I also find her to be the better character. As I noted before, everyone I know sees Aquaman as a joke. I freely admit that I have no particular thing against Aquaman, and that's the problem. There is not enough to him for me to either like or dislike. I find him to be rather bland on the few occasions I've run across him (He does have a very good line in the cartoon movie Crisis on Two Earths). His biggest weakness is "He lives inland," and his greatest power is "I'ma make a shark eat you." While I like sharks and admit to a certain minor coolness factor attached to shark control, it just doesn't do anything for me.

    As much as I dislike Wonder Woman, she is a very good example of why I like DC comics better than Marvel. DC makes comics I can care about. I like Batman and the Huntress. I dislike Wonder Woman and the Joker. Marvel comics (unlike the movies, which are good so far) tend to offer characters I don't care about one way or the other. The only strong reaction I've had to a Marvel comic was the incredibly terrible end to the Civil War. So far, the rest are really... boring. Wonder Woman is a character I care about. I dislike her immensely (she was surprisingly good in Justice League Unlimited).

    My first beef with Wonder Woman is her costume. As a Christian, I don't think I should be seeing that much skin (I acknowledge this to be an unpopular and uncommon position). This is the same reason I dislike many female comic characters. Not that it really makes any difference, but every girl I know who knows anything about comics at all holds the same opinion on Wonder Woman's outfit. This is admitted a small number. Secondly is her island home/birth. I suppose they had to come up with some way for someone to be born on an island with only women, but it's seriously bizarre. Also, from time to time, it seems that Wonder Woman stories seems to absorb some of the particular brand of feminism that is mostly anti-male. Also, I've probably been poisoned by Cheezburger Wonder Woman jokes that end up being sexual innuendo. Oh, and Superman's apparently cheating on Lois with her now. In the final analysis, let's just say that the only thing I've found to like about Wonder Woman is that she fought Nazis. Which does make her slightly cooler than most Flash villains.
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    Apologies for the double post, but this has nothing to do with the previous topic. It's time for another review.

    Graphic Audio had USB memories sticks cheap, so I got Batman: Wayne of Gotham.

    Plainly stated, This story is awesome!

    First off, being basically an audiobook at its core, the voices are very important, and as usual, Graphic Audio gets it almost entirely right (the only character I've ever thought was just plain wrong was Captain America). Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Thomas Wayne, and Harley Quinn were perfect, and I do mean perfect. The only character I thought was iffy was the Joker, who incidentally, was the same vice actor as Batman/Bruce Wayne, but I couldn't tell until the credits at the end. The Joker wasn't bad, I'm just not sure he was right.

    Bruce Wayne is getting older. He's having to mechanize the batsuit to help I'm keep up. He's also retired from public life, running several deceptions to convince the public he's an old crotchety hermit they need to leave alone. Then, Scarface gives him an invitation to a party, which upon investigation, turns out to contain information about his parents. The story alternates between Batman in the present and Thomas Wayne in the past. It shows the beginning of Gotham's particular brand of criminals and vigilante action. Of course, the big shocker is that Thomas Wayne wasn't absolutely perfect in his early years. He had failings! Gasp!

    Of course, the current villain knows about those failings, and is using... dubious science to punish Bruce Wayne for his father's failings. They also know that he's Batman, which is something of a problem, of course. They know exactly how his parents died, and use this to try and kill him too (of course).

    I can't speak to the comic itself out of my experience, but I'd give Graphic Audio's version of Batman: Wayne of Gotham a 9/10.
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    Yeah. All this screams to me is that this genre is not for you, because you don't seem to grasp the overall appeal of superhero comics in general. The finer points of the genre are lost on you because of this. Also, the fact you consider Aquaman a joke Wonder Woman as a joke, well... the people you know sound more like comic-lite fans that don't understand, again, all the actual details of the characters themselves. Aquaman's greatest power isn't that he can control sharks. His greatest power is that he is the strongest Earthling on the planet that isn't part god. The fact you find him boring and his stories are bland just shows that you don't know where to even bother looking. It is pointless at that point. The same can be said for Wonder Woman. Sure, there are some really crappy stories with her. Especially the second half of her really awful New 52 run. However, there are still some quality stories with her.

    Oh. And Superman is not cheating on Lois. They haven't been together for most of New 52, and he got together with Wonder Woman. Is it stupid? Yuuuup. Is your complain legit? Noooope.
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    well this is happening,

    some of the books are a Mad Max version of the Wacky Races!(yes really!), team-up of all the hanna-barbera action cartoons, Scooby Apocalypse and The Flintstones.

    art for Scooby Apocalypse

    Part of me, thinks this is a joke, and the other part is going "well this well be on Atop the fourth wall pretty soon"
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    My initial reaction.
    But reading the following news article, and seeing the video with Geoff Johns. I'm kind of looking at this with an optimistic, glass, half-full of hope. Among the things coming up is that DETECTIVE COMICS, and ACTION COMICS will be making a return to their original numbering. Johns will be leaving JUSTICE LEAGUE featuring the completion of The Darkseid War storyline.
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    So rebrith is a reboot, it will take elements from pre-flashpoint univerese, and the new 52. The new comics will be more in line with the movies and tv show. the reboot is happening over few months (June to October) and will last just over two years.

    I don't think I'll be get any of the new titles from this reboot. nothing is realy jumping out at me, so I stick with Marvel, IDW and Dynamite.

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