Spinosaurus Theory (JP3)

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    The much maligned antagonist from the third Jurassic Park movie, this savage beast is portrayed as some kind of 'alpha predator' in the story. Taking out series mainstay T-Rex in under a minute, and showing dogged determination in hunting/harassing the main characters at seemingly ever turn.

    But when you really think about it, and consider what is shown... the Spino might not be as badass as the movie portrays him.

    Evidence 1: The ridiculous obsession with eating the humans.

    It's meant to make him look like a badass, so Terminator-esque determined to kill these characters that he's willing to follow them far beyond what is really necessary. With the T-Rex duo in Lost World, it made sense that they were after the humans as they had violated their territory and probably traumatized their offspring. There was at least a motivation. They certainly weren't in the mood to eat the 'hunting party', as we really don't see these beasts devour many of them... preferring to kill them or chase them off.

    What was the Spinosaur's motivation? Food? Then why was it bothering with the saurian carnivore equivalent of four pieces of 'popcorn chicken'? Why not hassle the Raptors? That in turn leads to...

    Evidence 2: The sparse amount of the island we get to see.

    JP3 seems to take place primarily on the outskirts of Isla Sorna. This island is pretty big, as evidenced by Lost World's many and varied environments as the story progressed. We don't see much variation in JP3, suggesting that most of it takes place in the outer areas. There are a few excursions deeper in, sure, but nothing really worthwhile. So why does the Spino hang out there? Sure there's theories that he's also fond of fish... but how that could even POSSIBLY sustain such a large beast is never brought up or shown. There are no aquatic dinosaurs shown in the first three JP movies, though the JP game suggests there WERE (still... how would be able to keep those creatures contained and sufficiently fed?). So why does this creature stick to the seeming outskirts?

    And this leads to the final piece of evidence...

    Evidence 3: The lack of anything remotely as large.

    Unless the Spinosaurus somehow ATE everything else, there was a definite DEARTH of larger dinosaurs outside of the Carnatosaurus and the lone T-Rex. As shown in Lost World, Isla Sorna was practically overfilled with dinosaurs.

    So again, why even bother with these humans? Violating his territory? Never quite suggested. This big bastard seems to have a fever... and the only cure is more human.

    Evidence 4: The T-Rex = Sufficient Meal.

    If hunger was really a problem, then you'd think a large T-Rex corpse would make for a far more satisfying meal than tiny bony humans with very little meat on them. You'd think such a feast would mean it'd give up the ghost and just glut itself on Rex Meat. But it barely seems to register.

    So what does this whole rambling mess mean?

    That the other predators were dominant further inside the island, taking the lion's share of the big game... and territory. Thus leaving this lone predator on the outskirts... picking off anything he can eat. Which makes his obsession with eating Grant & Co. make sense. He didn't eat much of the T-Rex because he probably strayed too far into 'Rex Territory', went beyond his boundaries... and probably left the juicy corpse behind so as to not attract unwanted attention.

    Thus he became focused again on the only thing he CAN get ahold of... humans. He's not just angry at them for violating what territory that's been afforded to him.... he's probably STARVING and desperate.

    Thus concludes my rambling mess that looks FAR TOO DEEP into a less-than-stellar sequel.
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    That's actually pretty good, although for dogged determination the Spinosaurus gave up on Grant and his crew once they were in that aviary with the pteranodons. That always bugged me how poorly they handled the dinosaur; I honestly think it could have worked as a new threat if they showed it fewer times or saved its fight with the T-Rex right when our heroes chose to flee to the aviary, so there would be justification for it to not pursue them again until later. That's what killed it for me.
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    Yeah, that's pretty good. To me, JP3 is a joke, and I never can keep my complaints down when the Spinosaur knocks down the fence, then can't knock down The Magic Door of Magical Main Character Protection.
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    Honestly, Ingen Dinosaus are weird with durability. A real Tyrannosaurus rex that slammed into a bus like the one in the Lost World kills itself with the bone-breaking impact that ensues. The real aquatic Spinosaurus aegypticus actually did co-exist with two animals larger than Tyrannosaurus rex, but was also aquatic and semi-quadrupedal (and ironically the closest dinosaur in real life to Godzilla). A real Spinosaurus that got an airplane propeller in the spines would be paralyzed.
  5. Darth Reaper

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    At this point, I feel like it's best to just accept that the Spinosaurus killed that T-Rex. This doesn't mean that it could kill every T-Rex it crossed paths with, it just means that it killed that T-Rex.
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    I've accepted THAT since I first saw the film. What's bothered me off about it since included the reasons I've previously stated AND that according to TvTropes the director of JP3 said that the T.rex we see killed was the little guy from TLW (most movies and franchises I look up on there have been fairly accurate, in my experience), so now it feels like a mean-spirited take that to TLW, if it's true.

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