Spidey MIGHT be joinning the Marvel cinematic universe

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    I am surprised to see so much love for Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire. Even being a fan of the first two Spidey flicks by those two. Garfield had been knocking it out of the park as Peter ,and Spider-Man. Even bringing that sense of humor with which the Wall-Crawler was known for that even a big booster of Raimi's first two flicks like I am thought was missing in the SPIDER-MAN One and Two. Besides Toby Maguire's Peter Parker ended up becoming the butt of jokes as the perpetually weepy Spider-Man. Although Garfield had some dark moments in the Amazing films, he knocked it out of the park. And Amazing helmer, Marc Webb, did a good job as well. I had my doubts about it thinking we were getting with AMAZING, which from the news coming out initially after Raimi was drummed out. Was looking like it was going the same route as 20th Century Fox was going with X-MEN:The Last Stand when they pushed Brian Singer out. But I was quite impressed with Marc Webb's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and I know it's flawed. Amazing 2 as well.
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    I had really thought of Spider-Man vs. Amazing Spider-Man as being different but equal. I particularly enjoyed the first Amazing Spider-Man because it avoided being a repeat of the original version, choosing to focus instead on the themes of grief and loss through the figurative and literal act of trying to get back a piece of yourself (as compared to the original's emphasis on parentage and its meaning towards coming of age). The second one left a bad taste in my mouth, however, for its refusal to pick a story line and stick with it, and its themes of large-scale nepotism (Peter Parker is Spider-Man because his father made his genes genetically conducive to it; Harry Osborn is only the Green Goblin because he inherited his father's illness. . . Yadda, yadda, yadda. Pete's parents aren't important, they'll never be important) didn't stick well with me.

    As for Garfield the actor, I'll admit he's done as well as anybody can in the roll. I have a feeling, though, that once these new Spidey flicks are out and the whole situation becomes matter-of-fact, it'll be no harder to digest than say. . . recasting Bond or Batman; everyone will have their favorites, and deciding one over the other doesn't really matter much. Nothing particularly bad can come from recasting Spidey (Okay, it could go bad, but I doubt it'll be catastrophic. Need I remind everybody that this board was suspicious of Garfield being a Twilight-reject before the first of these pictures came out?). The next take on the character may actually be brilliant in its own way, and if not at least Garfield won't be the one driven into the ground with the rest of the series.
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    He stopped being that? When?
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    Evidently when he "knocked it out of the park." ;-)
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    Ditto. Personally, I always thought Maguire was a weak actor, not just in the Spider-Man films, but in everything I've seen him in. Not only did I think Garfield was a much better actor, but his Peter Parker brought back some of the much loved elements of the character from the comics (such as his snarkiness) that was sorely missing from the Raimi films.

    But, Maguire wasn't the only thing I didn't care for in Raimi's films. The Kirsten Dunst version of Mary Jane Watson has to be the absolute worst love interest in a superhero movie, a genre that is already known for terrible love interests. One thing Webb's Spider-Man movies did very well was give us a likable love interest in the form of Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. In fact, even the biggest critics of Webb's SM films admit that this version of Gwen was the best character in those movies. Seriously, how many superhero movies can you name where the love interest is the most popular character? Exactly.
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    While this is good news, I notice one thing there. Sony still get creative control and don't think thats a good thing. they have not clue what to do with Spider-man, these people thinking of giving Ant May her own film. ANT MAY!

    but with Marvel working on it and I'm sure it will good and a cluster muck like some of the other films.
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    The Civil War trailer has dropped but no Spiderman from what I saw. We do see Black Panther in action however.

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    Patience Grasshopper. Patience.
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    well they aren't going to hype Spidey's appearance too much if it's supposedly going to be a smaller part in the larger story. If they're smart they won't.
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    He goes by the designation, Underroos .
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    Tease for the full teaser airing tonight on Jimmy Kimmel.

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    looks great. I'll definitely will see it. looks like they probably are going with the Ultimate version of the Vulture, which would explain why Tony Stark/ Iron Man is in there. :)
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    Oooh boy, were to start were to start. Sony is going ahead with a solo Venom movie, without Marvel being involved and it will be set not in the MCU, but in the amazing Spider-Man universe and is being overseen by the idiots that f#¡¥ed up.


    I just, I just want Sony's film company go way and never come back. With all the crap they've been throwing at us, and the crap come up as well, Sony needs to stop making films and go quietly into the night.
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    that Venom movie has been rumored for years. I kind of doubt it will ever get made. and when i mean years i mean for almost a decade.

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    A solo VENOM flick has been actually in the pipes since the mid-Nineties. Back in the decade of grunge and FRIENDS, New Line Cinema had the option to a solo VENOM flick, along with the rights to BLADE. David Goyer wrote the VENOM film's script. The details are scant on what the story was. But it was about Eddie Brock wearing the symbiote. The story didn't involve Spidey at all(as we know the rights were tied up between Carlaco, and MGM at the time). And Carnage was the villain of the story. It never as we know reached fruition, and the rights for Venom lapsed back with Spidey when Sony/Columbia finally got rights in 1999.

    Also on the subject of VENOM. Hitting theaters this week is the sci-fi/horror flick LIFE. Dealing with astronauts on the International Space Station getting ahold of an alien life form from Mars. Which reaks havoc on the station, and personnel. From the looks of the lifeform in question from the trailer.

    Speculation, perhaps a little too much deep reading into the trailer, and the announcement of the VENOM movie being on again. Some have been thinking that LIFE was actually a prequel to the VENOM film, and how the symbiote was discovered, and got to Earth before bond with disgraced reporter Eddie Brock. But that rumor has since been shot down.

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