News Move over Godzilla... GAMERA'S BACK!

Discussion in 'Kaiju News and Rumors' started by The Great MM, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Mecha74

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    Holy Hell that was ungodly! Toho has their work cut out for them if they're going to compete with that.:eek:

    If nothing else I'd say a bluray/ DVD release to be sure.
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  2. sethasaurusrexx68

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    Thank u Lord!!:)

    That looked really fun!! So its on?? that was a real preview?? The Gamera design is a mix of the GIII and Gam1995... and for me his face looks like the 2014 Godzilla a LITTLE much that mayb just ME... but hell he looks like Gamera and roars like Gamera and has flame orange fire breath like Gamera!!

    The Gyoas look alot like GIII I like the GIII ones better just being real
    I to was hoping for Viras when I saw the Octa-looking limbs coming outta the ground but that new Kaiju looked cool enuff very del toro P-rim'ish.. pumped!! So I guess they r going all CGI not Suits?? Anyone have more Info on that??

    I love the 90's trilogy and part of me wants it to continue, cause i'm rebooted out lol but Gamera hasnt been done ina while so mayb they need to start freah....with Gyoas being in it, I wonder if it will indeed b a sequel to GIII cause wasnt Gam going to fight a flock of Gyoas at the end Of that film?? I have it just havent watched ina while.

    Q-Tarantino is one of my favorite movie makers of all time, he comes from my home state of Tennessee, he came from nothing, just a kid that had a big imagination working at a video store and he LOVES all the **** we do!!kaiju/anime/karate-kung-fu/ yakuza/gangsta films I wish he would produce asst direct or do sumthing! it would help the film! alot of folks go see anything that has his name on it!

    In closing, I really want to see Barugon in CGI, his ice breath and rainbow ray, they both were really cool powers and they blended with Gamera's fire very well(duh ICE vs FIRE thast classic super hero stuff) and it looks like he isnt gonna b in this new one an its ok....but he would be a cool kaiju to bring back hell, he was Gam's first enemy.

  3. KingKaiju

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  4. Godzilla94

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    Just saw this the other day can't wait

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  5. Kevzilla

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  6. Orga777

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    The trailer looked great! Having Gyaos is always a plus. I am glad that it looks like they may be going the darker Kaneko Heisei style than the more campy style as well. Mostly because the Heisei Gamera movies are all freaking amazing and having more like that is never a bad thing.
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  7. Zigra

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    Actually, while the film does seem to be going with a Heisei-style dark approach, the movie's plot, what we've been told of it, anyway, sounds like a much darker remake of Gamera the Brave. Which is fine by me, as I really liked GtB.
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  8. the Godzilla Guru

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    It is an under appreciated film, and I liked it too. If it does well enough, maybe they'll be able to do a Gamera anime series like they planned for Cartoon Network back when they worked on GtB.
  9. beastfromosaka

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    trailer looks awesome. Gyaos rocks. been wondering what that tentacle creature is. My first thoughts was to Viras too. dcan't wait for this to hit the States whenever that will be.
  10. sethasaurusrexx68

    sethasaurusrexx68 Kaiju Forum Master

    Has there been any new rumors swiming around...

    I wonder if this is gonna b a straight to dvd thing in the west
    hopfully we will b able to go see Gamera at our local theater, would b fun.

    man, Toho, u guys better bring your A game w/the new Godzilla
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