News Move over Godzilla... GAMERA'S BACK!

Discussion in 'Kaiju News and Rumors' started by The Great MM, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. Sidian Lazarus

    Sidian Lazarus Desumacchi Rules Commissioner

    count me as one of the showa era's fans...however you cant simply do that anymore. the thing thats endearing about them you cant will just come off as fake. theres no other real option but to take another swing at a serious gamera...and thats the way it should be right now. the world is beyond kennies and bad special try and do that now will just come off the wrong way. there was a charm about those films...its a style that has long since past us im afraid.
  2. sethasaurusrexx68

    sethasaurusrexx68 Kaiju Forum Master

    not when u watched them when u were 4-10yrs old like i did ;))

    does anyone remember watching this??
    should bring back some memories!!! I remember loving the music in those previews, turned out it
    was from an anime which I ended up watching called Project-Ako, really great movie, used to watch it
    on the sci-fi channel on the Saturday anime....really miss the old sci-fi channel....

    My dad bought me Gamera Vs. Gyoas,Guiron, and Zigra when I was about five....
    after I wore those out, I was about 6 and was trying to track down Gam vs Barugon and the original B/w film
    which I finally found at Suncoast(used to b the only place I knew to go for kaiju films)
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  3. sethasaurusrexx68

    sethasaurusrexx68 Kaiju Forum Master

    I think Gamera should fight a showa foe in his new film

    No more Gyoas.....really needs to b Guiron or Barugon....Zigra would be kinda kool too...

    They prob will do just Gam', mayb even will bring back Gyoas AGAIN and dont get me wrong, he is to Gamera, what Ghidorah is to Godzilla, but he has had his time...What do ya'll think? new monster or updated showa foe??
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  4. GodzillaFan1992

    GodzillaFan1992 Ultra Kaiju Master

    Guys has it occured to you that the monster Gamera will fight is a new original Monster and no returning Monster at all?

    And besides if any returning Monster is to come back. It'll most likely be Gyaos.
  5. Excelsior

    Excelsior Desumacchi Rules Commissioner

    Unless the new one's a direct followup to the Heisei series I don't see them redoing Gyaos. Originality would be the best way to go, to take the movies in a new direction (as apparently the kaiju genre isn't really foremost on the Japanese film market any more). The only way to go if they decided to re-use Showa kaiju would be if they embraced the absurdity of the earlier movies and cranked up the intensity of the monsters (imagine if Pacific Rim's Knifehead were used as an updated Guiron, for example).
  6. Sidian Lazarus

    Sidian Lazarus Desumacchi Rules Commissioner

    ive always envisioned guiron getting a gigan-style makeover...

    i think the way to go is a new kaiju though. something big, intimidating. but different than legion and irys...give us an amazing design but something not quite so alien.
  7. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    OMG. Just For Kids. Up until the recent DVDs, I always watched that VHS for Guiron ('cause it was unedited and had the Gyaos slaughter). I ALMOST forgot about that annoying host kid. Wonder whatever happened to him...
  8. sethasaurusrexx68

    sethasaurusrexx68 Kaiju Forum Master

    Haha yeah that kid-host...he was out there......

    Whats funny is the Gamera films were released under the just for kids banner
    and I remember my mom babysitting when I was young, and sum scenes in Gyoas had made
    a few lil' girls cry, and I myself getting all excited and pumped at the showa Gamera gore, like when
    Gamera bites in Gyoas and Barugon at the end of both the films.

    I am glad some people are on my side with the Guiron remake/re-design, I think it would b cool, I dont want Gamera to b alone, but I don't want Gyoas either...original kaiju mayb, the two newest kaiju that I liked where Destroyah,Legion, and the Pacific Rim crew, I didnt like Monster X,Iris,Megagurius,or Kaizer Ghidorah the listed kaiju were let-downs in my opinion....And ya know,Daiei never made its own Destroy all Monsters type film with there whole lot, hell even throw in Daimajin! Toho threw in Guys from other non-connected films and NO Destroy all Planets dosent count...all stock kaiju battles a la' Godzilla's Revenge

    I dont want Daiei to rip-off toho's DAM but i guess,Gamera wouldnt have came out if not for Gojira so...yeah

    Also, I have been in the process of moving...and came across my old VHS's of the sandy frank Gammey's...
    and man o man I dont know how we all watched those cropped,blurry,tape-hiss,awful versions but ya know what?
    Those films were awesome as a child and I gues I have to thank Sandy frank for making them avaliable in the USA on video, without that, I might have ended up a Poke'mon fan r sumthing haha
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  9. GodzillaFan1992

    GodzillaFan1992 Ultra Kaiju Master

  10. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    Interesting. Once again trying to blend Heisei and Showa. Though, if this is American and independent, it might not be the reboot mentioned on the website.
  11. Excelsior

    Excelsior Desumacchi Rules Commissioner

    I don't buy it. Definitely looks fan-made to me. Nothing about that site looks (or even claims to be) official. Plus, typos always make me dubious about authenticity. This smacks of a homebrewed Gamera.
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    THE ONE AND ONLY Hyper Kaiju Forum Master

    I wouldn't mind a return of one of the classic. Top of my list would be either Viras or Jiger/Monster-X. Although, I wouldn't mind the Guardian of the Universe starting out the flick facing a new threat, opponent, only to have Viras be the puppet master behind the opponent for a third act reveal. Then a double team on Gamera for the climatic final battle.
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  13. GodzillaFan1992

    GodzillaFan1992 Ultra Kaiju Master

    Unfortunity I made a little mistake. :oops:

    Those pictures and plot that you see are actually from a big budget fan-made film and were posted by Reddit 11 months ago.....Sorry guys.
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  14. sethasaurusrexx68

    sethasaurusrexx68 Kaiju Forum Master

    If they picked up from GIII I would b excited also...
  15. Sidian Lazarus

    Sidian Lazarus Desumacchi Rules Commissioner

    i think you gotta leave that trilogy the way it is. to pick it back up now not only could possibly put a black mark on that series but wouldnt have the same feel to it...too much time has passed. i feel the best way to do this is a many directions to go!
  16. sethasaurusrexx68

    sethasaurusrexx68 Kaiju Forum Master

    yeah.....but I just feel like reboots are coming out from every direction! ha

    But i think u may b right, I guess it could ruin a good trilogy if it bombs...wouldnt want that

    I hope they dont give Gam' a connection to a boy r girl that shares the emotions and pain of the monster...
    i feel that has been over done

    having Guiron and Barugon fight Gam' with Viras at the end being the alien controller monster,was a good idea, brought up earlier by the one and only....... cept he wanted to see Jiger instead, which I wouldnt mide either.

    But if their doing a "reboot" ,I say give us the showa critters "redesigned" Rodan and Mothra got one, Y shouldnt Daiei's monster gang??
  17. Avery Guerra

    Avery Guerra Kaijuphile News Contact

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  18. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    Oh God. The guy behind Daimajin Kanon. I now fear what this movie has in store. That shows was unbelievably bad and a disgrace to Daimajin.
  19. Orga777

    Orga777 Boo Staff Member

    He also did Kamen Rider Kuuga. Which is really good. However, he is just a producer, so. Don't know how much that will effect the film much.
  20. DinoGeekProductions

    DinoGeekProductions Mecha Kaiju Forum Master

    Awww. . . Too bad, had those set photos been genuine I'd have said that they had a pretty good thing going and that my only real concern towards the fan film would be that it didn't get finished. Anyway, just as well I suppose, considering that internet exposure seems to discourage fan films or foster delusions of grandeur more than anything else. Still, there are the few, the proud that excel and a very few of them have anything to do with kaiju eiga. At least Kaiju Killer and Battle Royale are changing that on the Western front, not to mention earning Rondo recognition (at least in nominations. Way to go BR!).

    Getting back to the topic at hand, for once I agree with MM but only in regards to the quality of Daimajin Kanon. That series took one of the scariest, if not the scariest, entity in kaiju movies and made him an over-bearing father figure in a show that was almost entirely bonkers. Luckily, however, there's often a lot of stylistic dissonance between movies a producer places his name on, and I'll eagerly snatch up any North American DVD release of a new Gamera film if we are so graced.

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