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    So I wrote this today, after reading a bunch of Toho Kingdom's K.W.C fights. I figured that I'll try my hand at something similar and wrote a fight between the first two monsters Godzilla did battle with, in the 70s cartoon. so tell what you think,

    The Fire Bird vs. The Earth Eater

    After hours digging and clawing through the dirt and hard rock, the Firebird could finally feel hate. a wall of soft earth falls and clouds of dirt quickly rise up, the Firebird thrust itself out of the tunnel and out into the open. Looking around the fire-monster find itself at the rim of a massive volcanic crater, liking what she sees the Firebird lays down to rest thinking about taking revenge on the monster that trapped it that in that deep underground chamber: Godzilla!

    As the Firebird rested, at the other side of the volcanic crater something large was moving. A massive cloud of dirt, rock and volcanic dust erupted from the ground followed by a huge brown creature. Hauling itself out the hole it had made the Earth Eater, observed its surroundings and let out a roar. Upon hearing the noise the Firebird quickly woke from her slumber. Quickly spying the Earth Eater on the far end of the crater, the Firebird responds with her own roar and swoops down from her perch to the grown.

    The Firebird, descending quickly, was the first to attack. Steering up clouds of dust with her wings the Firebird used the distraction to start slashing at the Earth Eater's face with her talons. The Firebird then cried out in sharp pain as the Earth Eater's jaws clamped down on her right foot. Earth Eater tried to pull the bird monster down to the ground as it tried it's best to ignore the kicks to the head it was receiving. It had almost done it when terrible burning pain struck the Earth Eater's back, letting go of the Firebird's foot the Earth Eater jumped back to avoid another blast of the Firebird's fiery heat breath. Before the Firebird could get another hit in the Earth Eater fired off a sonic blast from its antenna, knocking the Firebird out of the sky. Upon hitting the ground Firebird was then quickly met with more pain as the Earth Eater leapt on the downed flying monster.

    The Earth Eater was raining down blows on the Firebird's upper body with its front claws, this attack was short lived as the firebird managed to bit into the brown creature's neck. The Earth Eater cried in pain as the Firebird's beak tore off some flesh of the back of its neck, the Earth Eater quickly rolled off the red monster. Momentarily stuck with shock, the Earth Eater was it hit with another blast of the Firebird's heat breath. The Firebird had taken off into the air and then slammed down, feet first, onto the Earth Eater's back with full force. With its feet knock out from under it, the Earth Eater was helpless as the Firebird stomped down on it's back again and again.

    Firebird jumped off the brown monster's back and when in to kick the wound she had made in the Earth Eater's neck, but before the fire monster's foot could make contact the Earth Eater's head turn and the burrowing monster's jaws had torn into the Firebird's foot. The Firebird cried out in pain as hot steamie crimson stained the Earth Eater's face as reared its head back. The four-legged beast stood up on its hind legs and let out a horrifying roar before charging full force at the monstrous bird creature. The two monster start grappling with each other, Earth Eater Quickly bits down on the Firebird's shoulder, tearing through Her flesh and scraping the bone.
    Fighting through the pain, the Firebird spots the opened wound on the neck of her opponent, quickly she wraps her long neck around the base of the Earth Eaters. the Firebird rams her beak into the brown monster and she opens her mouth as sounds of the Earth Eater's flesh tearing apart fell her ears, the Firebird lets lose her heat breath.

    The Earth Eater's jaw slackens as unbearable pain races throughout its head, fluids start dripping its nose and mouth as the beast's eye turn white. letting out one final roar, the Earth Eater's eyes close and the brown monster goes limp. the Firebird pulls her head out the burnt hole in her fallen opponent's neck and then bites down on it one last time, and then one horrifying sound fills the air and after all is still for a minute then sound of a massive body hitting the ground followed by another sound of something heavy hitting. The Firebird stood over the dead monster and let out a massive roar, a warning to all that this is her domain. She turns from the corpse and starting to slowly walk away, looking for a quiet spot to rest.
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