News Legendary Pictures' "SKULL ISLAND"?!?!

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    Fantastic movie. I'm not sure I'd say it was better than G14, but it was still a great monster movie. Definitely focused on the monsters enough, unlike G14, but something was missing. Just can't put my finger on what I thought it was. Overall very engaging and the fight sequences are epic.

    ********** SPOILERS BELOW **********

    Not sure how I feel about Kong's development. Marlow said "He's still growing" and also says something to the effect of "he'll get a lot bigger", but the skeletons of the two older apes seem to be similar to him in size. Also, I would worry about his fortitude; Kong passes out near the end of the movie when set on fire with napalm. I think that Godzilla has his hands full for their rematch in 2020, because Kong was an absolute beast at hand to hand and was even smart enough to employ weapons of opportunity, but if napalm can make him faint...well, I don't have to explain to anyone here the kind of punishment that Godzilla is used to standing up to. Castle Bravo, anyone?

    Also, if you're sticking around for the post-credits scene... Well, I hope you packed a lunch. The credits are long as hell. They made sure to list every actor, producer, stuntman, stage hand, anyone who pooped in any of the portapotties during filming, the guy who scrubbed said portapotties, his sister, her dog, the dog's fleas, my neighbor, your neighbor, and the various individualized tags Jimmy gave the toenails in his clipping collection. Oh, and when you think the credits are over, Billy fuckin' Mays shows up like "But wait, there's more!" I seriously thought they were over three times before they were actually over. The theater was empty and it was just me, my kids, my wife, and the people who wanted to clean the room that were left.
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    Saw it. Was epic and awesome. Was just fun to see Kong in a different setting and story and not just a rehash of the classic tale. It's also kind of nice to see the backstory of the Monarch Project fleshed out a bit more, giving more details to their history that ties alot of things together in a very nice way.

    Have been looking forward to this for the last two months, talking chomping at the bit, and was not disappointed. A bit of unexpected graphic-ness to some deaths. Every actor gives a pretty stellar performance, and found some of them very interesting characters, like Marlow and the clearly mentally deteriorating Packard.

    This Skull Island rivals the Jackson version in pure 'hell' factor, that spider especially is one epic example of terrifying.

    The post-credit scene was stellar.
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    yeah i did notice the end credits were unusually long. They even listed the head honchos of Legendary. aggravating imo.
    anyway saw this yesterday. loved it especially near the end. I enjoyed this one just as much as the 2014 Godzilla movie. i give it 9 out of 10 stars. definitely going to see this again.
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    We're you surprised that scene with the Bamboo Spider got a PG-13 as well ? I liked it, but dang, was surprised to see what happened to that poor soldier.
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    YEAH! No ****. Was frikkin' jarring almost. Then whatever the hell it shot out at them, looked more like tendrils than webbing.

    On the subject of Kong: Skull Island
    Just found out today that apparently the design of what became the Skull Crawlers was heavily influenced by that one lizard from the 1933 Kong, that two-legged snake lizard that tried to get Jack Driscoll after the log bridge scene.


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    The Bamboo Spider's webbing reminded, not be nasty here, with its dark, blood red color, of something I'd see in viscera. Added to the yikes factor of the scene. Not as nasty as Cookie's death in the spider pit scene in Peter Jackson flick. But in the general area code.
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    if any of the info Legendary released are to believed, then those were actual tendrils

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