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Which Logo Do You Prefer For The New Forum Name?

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  1. Sauron

    Sauron Kaijuphile Webmaster Staff Member



    It greatly excites me to announce the following information...

    Kaijuphile & Skreeonk! have decided to merge and form one closely knit affiliation known as "The Kaiju Fan Network". Combining our efforts to cover all things kaiju will help both sites by offering more frequent updates, access to each others data, and helping to keep fans under one unified Forum.

    Each site will retain its name and website address, but we will be working closely together to bring new and exciting content to the kaiju fan community. There will be heavy cross linking between the sites, and eventually the news on Skreeonk! will automatically feed to the Kaijuphile Gateway.

    For those of you who aren't aware, Skreeonk! is an up and coming website run by our very own administrator, Angiru-San. It contains a very awesome news feed, amongst other fabulous content such as: Kaiju Fan Marketplace, Moves & TV, and Vinyl Kaiju Profiles. Check it out:

    Effective immediately, the Kaijuphile Forums will function as a forum for both websites and will be re-branded with a new name with a new logo. This is where we need your help!

    Attached to this topic are 6 logos for the new Forums, with only one being the eventual logo. Please vote in the poll in this topic to help decide which logo it will be! Voting will run from today until October 4th, 2013 at 11:00pm EST.

    We have already begun the process of planning the future of both sites and can't wait to begin rolling out updates and other exciting features in the near future!

    Stay tuned for the latest updates...


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  2. BS Digital Q

    BS Digital Q Hobo with a shotgun

    I went with #5. The best logos IMO are the ones with the blue Goji and that have white borders around the font. Those two elements really pop and add visual variety, so the two logos that feature those elements are fine by me.
  3. SpaceHunterM

    SpaceHunterM Super Robot Overlord

    The Blue Goji looks better in general so I'd say either 1 or 5.
  4. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

  5. Angiru-San

    Angiru-San Resident Spiked Admin Staff Member

    Took the words right out of my mouth - the white border is a must. I prefer the font on #1 but #5 is cool as well!

    Killer work as always Brandon - such exciting times my friends!
  6. Saruman

    Saruman Administrator Staff Member

    The only reason that 3 & 4 do not have the white border is because I couldn't find that font with the proper transparency that Brandon needed, as a result he was unable to put the white border around it.
  7. Mecha74

    Mecha74 Servant & Purveyor of the Gudis Gospel Staff Member

    Wow, awesome news!

    Guess I get to be the oddball though and pick #3. But any of them with the blue Goji is just fine.
  8. Orga777

    Orga777 Boo Staff Member

    I like 3 because of the font. But 5 is pretty good, too.
  9. Orc0909

    Orc0909 Ferocious Green Beasty

    Five's the best. Go with it. Blue Goji ftw.
    Angiru-San likes this.
  10. the Godzilla Guru

    the Godzilla Guru Mecha Kaiju Forum Master

    Going with No.5.
  11. Hybrid Gojira

    Hybrid Gojira I am not my own

  12. Angiru-San

    Angiru-San Resident Spiked Admin Staff Member

    Vote for #1 :cool:
  13. gdza60

    gdza60 Kaiju Forum Initiate

    Number 5 got my vote!
  14. EternalMothra

    EternalMothra Mosura....ya....Mosura... Staff Member

    Great merger idea by the way! :)
  15. Sauron

    Sauron Kaijuphile Webmaster Staff Member

    Thanks EM! We are excited about combining our resources to better serve the Kaiju Community...

    It looks as though Logo #5 has won in a landslide, and shall be instated as the new logo for this Forum asap!

    Thank you to all that voted!

  16. BS Digital Q

    BS Digital Q Hobo with a shotgun

    Awwwww yeah, sexy stuff there guys. :cool:

    So, do we still call this place Kaijuphile, or are we gonna be throwing "KFN" as a shorthand around?
  17. Sauron

    Sauron Kaijuphile Webmaster Staff Member

    Thanks BSDQ, I appreciate the kind words!

    You can call the forums whatever you desire. It is technically the forums for both KP and Skreeonk! using the KFN banner, so any of the three would be correct...
  18. Orga777

    Orga777 Boo Staff Member

    The merger is cool, and hopefully there will be a nice influx, especially for DD Time. Still gonna call it KP, though... Old habits and nostalgia I guess. <.<
  19. Angiru-San

    Angiru-San Resident Spiked Admin Staff Member

    Haha honestly I'll probably be throwing KP around for a long time as well - add respect to that list of habits and nostalgia :cool:

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