Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters now released

Discussion in 'Colossal Kaiju Combat' started by alienhulk2099, Aug 22, 2014.

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    For those unaware CKC has helped, among many others, in funding an anthology book featuring a wide variety of science fiction and fantasy authors. In turn one of the anthology stories would be a tie-in to Colossal Kaiju Combat, specifically revolving around the Kaijujin. As of now the book is available on A! MA! ZOOOOOOON! (gigi!)


    I'll buy this when I get the chance, right now money is very tight for me unfortunately. The main fight takes place with Tornaq against Chelonra in London with two background fights (specifically Taligon vs. Gaonaga and Kagiza vs. Urogora).
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    Nice work yet again, Morgoth!

    Looks like a pretty nice book. Bob Eggleton is absolutely unconquerable. Unfortunately, I feel like I should have the DAIKAIJU! anthologies before I pick this up. . . Then again, considering the asking price for those books these days, I might pick up Kaiju Rising before it becomes a collector's item. . . . Decisions, decisions.

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