Godzilla Anime?

Discussion in 'Kaiju News and Rumors' started by DinoGeekProductions, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. the Godzilla Guru

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    That's a bit bold of them to say! Just don't crash and burn on the first one!
  2. SuperXAsh

    SuperXAsh Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    Love how all they're willing to show, to promote their big anime project, is environment pics and the poster with generic anime protagonist #789631467.

    And not, you know, GODZILLA, the star of the frikkin' thing. You'd think that'd be THE main selling point, but there I go again being sensible.

    Who wants to bet, the Godzilla they use will end up looking like the chopped liver and parmesan muppet nightmare from Shin/Resurgence?
  3. Kevzilla

    Kevzilla Mecha Kaiju Forum Master

    Well besides Godzilla and those mecha suits, Rodan, Anguirus, Orga, Dagahra, Dogora, and Kamacuras are going to be featured.

    That has me worried as well, my biggest problem with anime is the why everyone has to speechify everything single goddammed thing. I hope that dosen't happen here and the monsters are psuhed into the background.
    and other thing, I really hope they make the monsters charaters and not just props for broing humans to stair at and talk about in a broing way.
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  4. SuperXAsh

    SuperXAsh Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    yeah i certainly hope they can avoid 'Attack on Titan'/'Ghost in the Shell' Syndrome.
  5. lbh

    lbh Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    Video has a list of Kaiju confirmed to be involved in the anime
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  6. Kevzilla

    Kevzilla Mecha Kaiju Forum Master

    We have a trailer!

    It looks cool, but I'm still not a 100% sold on it.
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