"One on One" Battle Godzilla 1991 (Heisei) vs Slattern

Discussion in 'The Kaiju Karnage Arena' started by Knifehead, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    How could Slattern be unable to survive or stand up against Striker Eureka's blades if Slattern can survive a nuke?!!
  2. Zardac the Great

    Zardac the Great Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    Different type of damage. A nuke is explosive/fire damage, all at once. The beam it took was explosive/fire damage, continuously and focused. A blade is cutting/piercing physical damage. Resistance to one type of damage does not equate to resistance to another type of damage.

    And no Pacific Rim kaiju is particulartly resistant to damage of any kind. Slattern survived the nuke by ablation. She had a lot of body to absorb the blast, and if you'll recall, she didn't look particularly intact afterwards.
  3. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    But Slattern survived both damages.
  4. Zardac the Great

    Zardac the Great Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    Yeah, but that's not really the point I was making.

    Slattern was in tatters after the nuke, but basically whole. She had enough mass to take the blast and survive, but it messed her up pretty badly.

    The beam burned right through her. It was a concentrated blast that hit one area and kept going until it burned through her.

    The blades also went right through her, because to stop a blade would have required armor, which is something Pacific Rim kaiju don't have.

    It's an imperfect analogy, but a Knight in plate armor can survive a sword slashing at his chest, because his armor will stop the blow. An arrow from a longbow would punch right through him.
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  5. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    So Slattern can't ignore the damage completely.
  6. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    But the rest of the Pacific Rim kaijus such as Knifehead did appear to have armor like a carapace.
  7. Zardac the Great

    Zardac the Great Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    They appear to have armor, but it doesn't actually do anything. It's the biological equivalent of making a tank out of cardboard. You can paint it up to look like real armor, but if it's not actually hard, it won't protect anything. Pacific Rim Kaiju look armored, but they're armor's not effective. Even missiles eventually kill them.
  8. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    Oh yeah, I get it!
  9. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    But i've already calculated that Godzilla's atomic breath could literally do more damage to slattern due to powerscaling with Mothra & Battra!
  10. Darth Reaper

    Darth Reaper Super Kaiju Forum Master

    Slattern may take up more space than Godzilla, but as I recall Godzilla is much heavier than Slattern. And, Godzilla has demonstrated the ability to manhandle things that are heavier than he is, like Mechagodzilla.

    I figure it's worth noting that it's possible that the reason Gypsy Danger's chest beam was able to burn a hole through Slattern is because he was already injured from the nuke and perhaps more vulnerable. I could be wrong, but it's worth concidering.

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