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    Gfantis the Prince of the Monster’s and the mascot of the world’s longest running kaiju fanzine G-FAN faces off against the greatest and most powerful monsters from the world of kaiju novels and comics. Gfantis has destroyed every kaiju he has faced in the pages of G-FAN magazine but will even he be able to overcome the likes of: Jeremy Robinson’s Nemesis, Matthew Dennion’s Atomic Rex, Chimera, and the ROCS, Timothy Price’s The Duke and Zargatron, Christopher Martinez and Jonathan Clode’s Dorugan, Wayne Smith and Frank Parr’s Irokus, Eric S. Brown’s Zombie Kaiju Tyler Sowles and Scott Schmidt’s Durontus, K.H. Koehler’s Raiju, Todd Tennant and Mike Bogue’s King Komodo, Zach Cole’s Marugrah, Keith Foster’s Kodoja, Skip Peel’s Itara and many more!!The greatest kaiju authors and artists in the world have lent their monsters to G-Fan magazine! Dare to read the carnage that occurs when Gfantis crosses paths with the Guest Kaiju! AND ITS ALL FREE!!

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