Can Heisei Godzilla's spiral ray hurt Slattern?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pyroraptor, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    I've read that someone has said in a thread that Godzilla's spiral ray was nowhere near a nuclear explosion but i've already learnt that Godzilla's normal atomic breath itself can melt diamonds while diamonds melts at roughly 5,000° k & the spiral ray was several times powerful than that yet Slattern did got badly injured by the nuke after surviving the nuke so can't this be able to hurt Slattern?!
  2. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    Slattern was hurt by blades and GD's jet thing. There is abso-damn-lutely no reason to believe Godzilla's standard beam wouldn't hurt Slattern, let alone the spiral beam.
  3. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    So the spiral beam should be able to hurt Slattern!!
  4. The Great MM

    The Great MM THE Moderator Staff Member

    It should KILL him.
  5. Pyroraptor

    Pyroraptor Kaiju Forum Initiate

    Of course!
  6. Darth Reaper

    Darth Reaper Super Kaiju Forum Master

    In fairness, when Gypsy Danger used that chest beam on Slattern he'd already taken the brunt of a nuclear explosion, so he was likely not at his best anymore.

    And, as far as the blades go, Heisei Godzilla has been injured by stabbing and slashing attacks as well, that doesn't change the fact that he's resisted numerous beam attacks. Sometimes stabbing and slashing attacks seem to work better against Kaiju than beams and projectiles.

    Still, I'd say Godzilla's Spiral ray would hurt a lot if Slattern had to face it. And, eventually he'll go down for the count.

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