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    [Battle Master] 8:27 pm: Our championship match tonight will be...
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) vs. MOGUERA
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: We are in all quiet mode now
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: The Championship Match is beginning...
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: Base power numbers are as follows:
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - 47
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: MOGUERA - 53
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: We will now factor the Cover Bonus/Penalty and any special rules provided by the Battlefield.
    [Battle Master] 8:28 pm: Battlefield: Flora
    [Battle Master] 8:29 pm: Cover: Moderate (+10 point BONUS to Defense Rolls)
    [Battle Master] 8:29 pm: Alien Attack - If a SPACE MONSTER is battling on Flora, the remaining alien population will come to its aid, launching a deadly rocket AT ITS FOE.

    BEFORE THE BATTLE BEGINS, make an Attack Roll at Power Number 40 against the space monster’s enemy which may be countered with a Defense Roll. If the missile HITS, it causes TWO WOUNDS.

    If no SPACE kaiju are present or if both monsters are from space, the aliens will save their missile for when it might be most effective.
    [Battle Master] 8:29 pm: We will now review and factor any special conditions provided by the Combatant Profiles:
    [Battle Master] 8:29 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei):
    [Battle Master] 8:29 pm: Personal Primal Number: - 90 - NT20 Diamond Armor - The BEAM ATTACK by its opponent is absorbed by MechaGodzilla to power the Plasma Grenade. Its target immediately makes a Defense Roll, treating its Power Number as the Attack Roll. If the Defense Roll FAILS, the opponent suffers TWO WOUNDS. Even if successful, such is the strength of the Plasma Grenade that the opponent still suffers 1 HIT. If the enemy kaiju DOES NOT have a BEAM WEAPON, he may make an ATTACK ROLL against MechaGodzilla.
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: The robot CAN NOT make a Defense Roll to counter it.
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: Special Rules: MILITARY ATTACKS – MechaGodzilla is designed and built to defend Japan from the ravages of kaiju. As a result, military attacks are never directed against MechaGodzilla. Any attack which might have been targeted against it is REDIRECTED against its foe if a military attack is directed against both combatants.
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: MOGUERA:
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: Personal Primal Number: - 90 – Divide and Conquer – MOGUERA splits into its two component machines. Each can withstand 2 HITS and have a Power Number equal to ½ that of MOGUERA. If MOGUERA has suffered only one wound in the battle, its component machines still have 2 wounds each. If the combined MOGUERA has suffered 2 or more wounds, each machine will have only one remaining.
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: The enemy kaiju must make a Focus Roll to determine which machine it attacks and must destroy BOTH in order to win the match.

    If both vehicles are still functional and the PPN is rolled AGAIN by either, they will RECOMBINE, adding their remaining wounds together and dividing by 2 to determine the number remaining. MOGUERA can actually repair itself by transforming. The recombined MOGUERA will be restored to its full Power Number as well.
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: Special Rules: Weapon of Earth Forces – MOGUERA is designed and built to defend Japan from the ravages of kaiju. Military attacks are never directed against MOGUERA but REDIRECTED against its foe, possibly resulting in double attacks in cases where military attacks are directed against both combatants.
    [Battle Master] 8:30 pm: This modifies the power number of each kaiju to:
    [Battle Master] 8:31 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - Offensive Power Number - 47 Defensive Power Number - 57
    [Battle Master] 8:31 pm: MOGUERA - Offensive Power Number - 53 Defensive Power Number - 63
    [Battle Master] 8:32 pm: We will now roll to see who takes the first turn, ODD numbers for the low vote getter and EVEN for the high scorer.
    [Battle Master] 8:32 pm: The roll is 4. MOGUERA will attack first each turn.
    [Battle Master] 8:32 pm: Pre-Battle Events:
    [Battle Master] 8:33 pm: Revenge of the Russians: Rolls 96--No effect
    [Battle Master] 8:32 pm: Let the combat begin
    [Battle Master] 8:32 pm: Round 1:
    [Battle Master] 8:33 pm: MOGUERA Attack: Rolls 41--HIT!
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Defense: Rolls 62--Unsuccessful
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Attack: Rolls 55--Miss
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: After 1 round, the damage is:
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: MOGUERA - 0
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - 1
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: Round 2:
    [Battle Master] 8:34 pm: MOGUERA Attack: Rolls 52--HIT!
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Defense: Rolls 54--Unsuccessful
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Attack: Rolls 82--Miss
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: After 2 rounds, the damage is:
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: MOGUERA - 0
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - 2
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: Round 3:
    [Battle Master] 8:35 pm: MOGUERA Attack: Rolls 56--Miss--Primal Number!
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: 56 - (Godzilla, KotM) - The kaiju's furious assault causes it to swell with power. Any Wounds it has already received are REDUCED by 1 to reflect the kaiju's renewed strength.
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: MOGUERA has not been dealt any wounds
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Attack: Rolls 30--HIT!
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: MOGUERA Defense: Rolls 42--Unsuccessful
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: After 3 rounds, the damage is:
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: MOGUERA - 1
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - 2
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: Round 4:
    [Battle Master] 8:36 pm: MOGUERA Attack: Rolls 99--Miss
    [Battle Master] 8:37 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Attack: Rolls 79--Miss
    [Battle Master] 8:37 pm: After 4 rounds, the damage is:
    [Battle Master] 8:37 pm: MOGUERA - 1
    [Battle Master] 8:37 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - 2
    [Battle Master] 8:37 pm: Round 5:
    [Battle Master] 8:37 pm: MOGUERA Attack: Rolls 90--PERSONAL PRIMAL NUMBER!
    [Battle Master] 8:38 pm: MOGUERA has split into the Star Falcon and Land Moguera
    [Battle Master] 8:39 pm: each combatant can suffer TWO WOUNDS and has a PPN of 27
    [Battle Master] 8:39 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Focus (EVEN Star Falcon, ODD Land Moguera): Rolls 6--Will target Star Falcon
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Attack: Rolls 33--HIT!--Primal Number!
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: 33 - (King Kong) - The kaiju feels the primal force of ancient strength coursing through it. The monster's Offensive Power Number (OPN) is INCREASED +5.
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei)'s OPN has increased to 52
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: After 5 rounds, the damage is:
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: Star Falcon - 1
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: Land Moguera - 0
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) -2
    [Battle Master] 8:40 pm: Round 6:
    [Battle Master] 8:41 pm: Star Falcon Attack: Rolls 03--HIT!
    [Battle Master] 8:41 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Defense: Rolls 59--Unsuccessful
    [Battle Master] 8:41 pm: Land Moguera Attack: Rolls 99--Miss
    [Battle Master] 8:42 pm: MechaGodzilla Focus (EVEN Star Falcon, ODD Land Moguera): Rolls 4--Will target Star Falcon
    [Battle Master] 8:42 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) Attack: Rolls 31--HIT!
    [Battle Master] 8:42 pm: Star Falcon Defense: Rolls 58--Unsuccessful
    [Battle Master] 8:42 pm: The Star Falcon has been destroyed
    [Battle Master] 8:42 pm: Combat has concluded
    [Battle Master] 8:42 pm: The final damage tally is:
    [Battle Master] 8:43 pm: Star Falcon - 2 *Destroyed*
    [Battle Master] 8:43 pm: Land Moguera - 0
    [Battle Master] 8:43 pm: MechaGodzilla (Heisei) - 3
    [Battle Master] 8:43 pm: The Winner: (Land) MOGUERA
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    Knew it, called it, IR is designated driver lets party!
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    I like how almost nobody is discussing this result. At least not openly on the forum <.<
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    They're too drunk and happy to type right now.:p
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    Or too bored. A mech on mech final may be legitimate, but that doesn't make it terribly interesting.
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    Yeah, Cole is right. Too bored is the correct term. XD

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