Comics A review of "Godzilla kingdom of Monsters" Issue #4

Discussion in 'Kaiju Media & Games' started by lbh, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. lbh

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  2. SuperXAsh

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    have always had a weird like/hate feeling towards Linkara at times.

    The only time I've ever 100% agreed with him is on his Frank Miller Batman reviews.
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    Guess I'm the only one here who likes show wholeheartedly and/or agrees with him (most of the time anyway). The few times I don't agree with him I usually understand where he's coming from enough to appreciate it. Hell I actually liked this issue and Steve Woods when it came out, but I totally get how this could get on someone's nerves. As a side note, I still absolutely hated Boxer in the sequel series and that hasn't changed one bit!

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