A request for my friends

Discussion in 'American Kaiju: The Website' started by tennart, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. tennart

    tennart American Kaiju Forum Moderator

    If you've EVER liked the G'94 graphic novel, your optimistic thoughts, prayers, and affirmative aspirations are needed & desired more now than ever before.
  2. DinoGeekProductions

    DinoGeekProductions Mecha Kaiju Forum Master

    I've liked and/or loved most of the stuff I've seen of the project. I hope to see it published one of these days.

    What's wrong, Mr. Tennant?
  3. Zardac the Great

    Zardac the Great Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    This sounds bad. I approve of your project and very much wish to see it completed.
  4. Mecha74

    Mecha74 Servant & Purveyor of the Gudis Gospel Staff Member

    What's going on man? Talk to us.
  5. Zigra

    Zigra Rubber Space Shark

    I'll support you in any way that I possibly can.

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