Question A bigger word count allowance in that possible?

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions' started by Cyndi, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Cyndi

    Cyndi Kaiju Fight Club Member

    1000 words per post is a nightmare for those of us who write fanfiction. I just reposted Beauty and the Beast here, which has pretty short scenes, and I still had to cut some of them apart to fit the post limit. o_O

    This is a great forum, but wow, that made posting really awkward. Is there any way to increase that allowance to something bigger, like 10,000? It's TOTALLY okay if you can't. I'm just wondering.
  2. Mecha74

    Mecha74 Servant & Purveyor of the Gudis Gospel Staff Member

    I saw where you posted a fic. How did you get past the paragraph bunching? That's what's kept me from posting anything up till now.
  3. Cyndi

    Cyndi Kaiju Fight Club Member

    I have my forum posting default set to rich text editing, and I copy/pasted off an .html document.

    Usually when I finish a fic, I save it both in MSworks and as an html. Then I go to the source of the HTML file in Notepad to take out all the paragraph tags and properly space it(lots of hitting enter and the down arrow!) and then I save that as a separate file. If I want to put in board code, I just use find/replace and change the <'s and >'s to brackets. That's only for places that don't let me post using rich text, which takes out the need to post with board code. I don't copy/paste right off MSworks documents. That might be what's causing the problem. :p
  4. Mecha74

    Mecha74 Servant & Purveyor of the Gudis Gospel Staff Member

    Ah I see. Thanks for the info.

    Believe it or not that's what I've always done, and before now it has never caused me any problems. Go figure.
  5. Cyndi

    Cyndi Kaiju Fight Club Member

    O___o whoa, really? I always post off .html documents! It's just easier because I'm afraid of having to fix the spacing. Wow. XD
  6. Sauron

    Sauron Kaijuphile Webmaster Staff Member

    I went to increase the number of words per message, but someone already beat me to it :cool:. It is currently 10,000 per post now, so hopefully that works out better for you!
  7. Cyndi

    Cyndi Kaiju Fight Club Member

    Thanks! That does make a difference! XD
  8. Hybrid Gojira

    Hybrid Gojira I am not my own

    I'm going to bump this again. With the DD coming up soon, we have been trying some test matches and Orga777 and myself had to break up our posts because they were quite lengthy. Is there a way to further bump the word count up? I think we need to.
  9. Zardac the Great

    Zardac the Great Neo Kaiju Forum Master

    The 10,000 character limit is proving to be a real pain. I just posted Stardate 5438, and it led to an extreme number of posts.

    Also, though, when I paste a section into a post, it does no paste accurately. Every once in a while, especially on the initial post, characters get left out. Spaces usually, but not entirely.

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