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Sep 23, 2017
Jan 8, 2010
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the Godzilla Guru

Mecha Kaiju Forum Master, Male, from somewhere in the middle of nowhere

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Sep 23, 2017
    1. alienhulk2099
      I am that very individual and why thank you very much.
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    "Wow. What a ringing endorsement. I am filled with confidence." -Leonard Church, Red vs Blue Reconstruction

    "The question that once haunted my being has finally been answered. The future is not fixed, and my choices are my own; and ironic... for I now find that I have no choice at all. I am a warrior. Let the battle be joined." -Dinobot, Beast Wars "Code of Hero

    "Shiny. Let's be bad guys." Jayne, Serenity:D

    Bam, said the lady.:cool:


    Home page:
    somewhere in the middle of nowhere
    Favorite Foods:
    I'm usually not too picky, so long as it's still good
    cook, nine ninjas, goofball
    Favorite Movies:
    Godzilla films, every season of Red vs Blue, Spider-Man Trilogy, Transformers (yes, even ROTF), Dark Knight Trilogy, Iron Man Trilogy, Serenity, RWBY, um......more than I can list
    Godzilla, Transformers (Beast Wars no.1), Red vs Blue, Firefly, Gundam, Video Games, writing
    Favorite Books:
    Afraid I don't read much, but Frankenstein and Moby Dick are two faves of mine; also used to read Animorphs
    I like to think I'm easy going and down to earth, and I like to clown around alot.
    Favorite Music Artists:
    Not too picky, but I don't like rap or pop music
    Favorite Video Games:
    Halo, Mortal Kombat, Fable 2, Dragon Age, Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Fire Emblem Awakenings
    Favorite Sports:
    Don't have much interest, but I guess martial arts
    Favorite Kaiju:
    Besides Godzilla, I guess Golza and Gomora, but there's alot to go through
    Favorite Kaiju Movie(s):
    Again, too many to list
    Your Favorite Kaiju Era: