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Jul 3, 2017
    1. DinoGeekProductions
      No, not yet. Really wanted to, too. I was a big fan of "Jack the Giant Killer" . . . even though it was The 7th Voyage fo Sinbad all over again. So, how about you? Did you see it, and how was it?
    2. DinoGeekProductions
      Sounds like you got a lot of cool stuff. On another matter, I'm running out of album space. You should start a couple.
    3. Leviarex
      Pretty good I'd say:
      The dvd of 'Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs'(I'm sure you saw this at some point in your youth),
      A biography on Barnum Brown,
      The graphic novel,'Godzilla:Age Of Monsters'
      Volumes 1 and 2 of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'
      A 'Triple Rex' t-shirt from jerrylefarodesigns.com
      A blue waxy Triceratops model from the 1964 World's Fair(courtesy of 'Prehistoric Times' and the PT Dino-Store section)
      A minitature 'Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah' poster
      The Rifftrax dvd of 'Planet Of Dinosaurs'
      The poster of 'X-Files I Want To Believe'
      'The Mothman Prophecies' by John Keel(I have something of an interest in the paranormal)
      The book,'It Came From Bob's Basement'(covers Bob Burns' amazing collection of movie memorabilia)
      The dvd of 'Fantasia'
      A t-shirt showing a robot fighting a T-rex(courtesy of my sister and her fiance)
      A sweater,wovenshirt and t-shirt from Khols(last two came as a combo)
      A plastic water bottle with a red handle
      Two pears and a bottle of Lipton Green Tea(traditonal part of my stocking)
    4. DinoGeekProductions
      The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Storm Dancer by Jay Kristoff (a Japanese steampunk fantasy novel with plenty of monsters), The Legend of Jig Dragonslayer, And Another Thing (latest in the Hitchhiker's Guide series), and Dragon Age 2 for the PS3. How was your haul?
    5. DinoGeekProductions
      I enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was one of the better science-fiction films in a while, and I really wish it had been more successful at the box office. Especially considering it was up against The Lorax and Ghost Rider 2. . . And Phantom Menace, while I don't hate it the way most people do, really kind of put me to sleep when we watched immediately after "Carter."
    6. DinoGeekProductions
      Certainly. Do you know where I can find some gallery pages?
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